Hebron Christian Faith Church

Visiting Speaker - Russell Blackman

Sunday 16th July 10.30am & 6.30pm

Prophet Russell Blackman lives in the US with his wife and children. He stands in the office of a prophet and ministers all over the world with notable and unusual signs, wonders and miracles following!

Counltess lives have been edified and forever changed as the Lord has used Russell to bring strong exhortation and encourgement to those in need. This will be Russell's 4th visit to the UK and each visit has been accompanied by a stronger anointing.

We urge you to make this a date not to be missed. Come expecting and you will not be disappointed.

Family Fund Day Saturday 29th July 2017

Family Fun Day

Discover Israel Tour

Israel Tour 2017

 7 Day Discover Israel Tour
Experience Israel And See The Bible Come Alive
21st-27th November 2017
Discover Israel Tour

Join us for the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land.
Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and see the bible come alive.
Visit places of powerful, biblical significance that will bring new meaning to your walk with the Lord.  Experience new depth to Scripture as together we enjoy worship, devotions and teachings pertaining to each site.  Your faith will be illuminated as you discover the world in which Yeshua lived and experience Israel through Jewish eyes.
Truly Israel is the land of God.  It is the land of signs and wonders.  The Bible calls Israel the "pleasant land," for there is no land like it anywhere in the world.
We do hope you will join us and share in this wonderful opportunity.
John & Sally

Joseph Storehouse UK Partners Meeting

 Vision 4 Isreal Logo 
Saturday 22nd July at 12.30pm
Vision for Israel is a non-profit organization created by Barry and Batya Segal in 1994 out of the desire to help build and restore the Land. VFI freely provides aid to the poor and needy people, both Jewish and Arab, living in the nation of Israel today through The Joseph Storehouse, an international humanitarian aid center operating in the Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

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