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Blessed Marriage Conference

There are few things better than a strong and happy marriage but great marriages do not happen by accident nor are they the result of luck or 'chemistry'. Love must be nurtured and maintained. God instituted the covenant of marriage to be a blessing and He wants our marriages to go from strength to strength, to be an example to this world and reflect something of the wonderful relationship between Christ and the Church.

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Visiting Speaker - Mark Hankins


Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th November at 7:00pmMark Hankins at Hebron Christian Faith Church 2017

Mark and Trina are highly respected and seasoned ministers who travel extensively across the nations preaching and teaching the Word of God with demonstrations of the power of the Holy Spirit. Their vision is to take the spirit of faith, our identity in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit to every generation and every nation through various different means including media. Their TV broadcasts are on several networks including Believers Voice of Victory Network.

We are very excited to have them with us for three nights at The Word and The Glory conference from Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th November. These three evenings promise to be explosive, full of joy and will revolutionise your faith and your life. The meetings are at 7pm each night.

Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th November at 7pm each night


Visiting Speaker - Bill Wilson


Saturday 21st October at 7.00pmTuesday 7th - Thursday 9th November at 7:00pm 

After suffering the pain of being abandoned himself as a child, Bill Wilson founded Metro World Child in 1980 to reach impoverished and hurting children in the ghettos of America where crime and gang violence are predominant. Thousands of children are bused in to Sunday Schools and their families visited by volunteers every single week. The programmes are designed to break destructive cycles and give the kids vision to set a different path for their lives based on the life-changing power of the gospel.

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Discover Israel Tour


Hebron Israel 2017 trip www

 7 Day Discover Israel Tour
Experience Israel And See The Bible Come Alive
21st-27th November 2017
Discover Israel Tour

Join us for the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land.
Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and see the bible come alive.
Visit places of powerful, biblical significance that will bring new meaning to your walk with the Lord.  Experience new depth to Scripture as together we enjoy worship, devotions and teachings pertaining to each site.  Your faith will be illuminated as you discover the world in which Yeshua lived and experience Israel through Jewish eyes.
Truly Israel is the land of God.  It is the land of signs and wonders.  The Bible calls Israel the "pleasant land," for there is no land like it anywhere in the world.
We do hope you will join us and share in this wonderful opportunity.
John & Sally

Visiting Speaker - Riley Stephenson

Sunday 1st October - 10:30am

Riley Stephenson is the Minister of Evangelism for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. He teaches, trains, equips and mobilises churches to go into their 'world' and bring in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom. Riley's mission is to help equip Christians to successfully take the good news of God's love to a lost and dying world and confidently lead anyone to salvation in Christ.

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