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Welcome to the Pastor’s Pen, a personal teaching that brings you up-to-date messages from the Pastor’s heart concerning God’s unfolding word ‘in season’ for our church. These are additional, bite-sized extras to our regular, more in-depth Sunday teaching series.

"you are neither cold nor hot...therefore be zealous and repent". Rev 3:15,19

There are times when the Spirit of God moves powerfully in a service, touching some people profoundly while others in the same meeting don't receive anything. Why is that? It certainly is not that God prefers one over another; it's just that one has opened up their heart to the Lord more than the other. One is a participator and the other a spectator. God did not create us to be spectators. He put Adam in the garden because He wanted to have a relationship with him.

God is everywhere but He's not manifesting His presence to the same degree everywhere. He manifests where He is reverenced and honoured. So it's important that we come to services with an attitude of expectancy and a desire for the presence of the Lord rather than that of, 'what has the preacher got for us today?' We must guard against complacency and never treat the presence and power of God as common or with irreverence.

The hungrier we are, the more we can eat. Loss of appetite is a sign that someone is sick whereas a healthy person has a hearty appetite. God's not looking for polished worshippers but for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth – those who have a hearty appetite for Him and will abandon themselves regardless of what is going on around them. God wants us to seek Him, not what He can do for us.

It's easy to think 'it would be so different if Jesus was here.' Really? If it was possible for Judas to be around Jesus Himself and see and experience all He did and yet not be changed, then it's possible for us to come to anointed church services and not changed. It's the 'soil' of our heart that makes the difference. In the parable it is the same seed that is sown but it's the condition of the soil that affects the harvest produced from that seed (the Word of God).

When God delivered the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt they saw displays of the power of God perhaps like no other generation. Miracle after miracle. The people rejoiced and were excited because God had done great things for them. But just days later, when some problems arose, they quickly forgot all God had done and started to complain. They were finally free yet at the first sign of difficulty, they began to longingly look back to Egypt thinking they were better off there!

As long as God's power was moving on their behalf they were willing and excited. But when His presence wasn't manifesting to that same degree and things got a little tough, they began to complain. Complaining is rebellion because in essence it's saying, "I don't like what you're doing Lord or the way You are doing it and I'd do it differently." It's an affront to God and will short circuit His power flowing in and through us. Sometimes what we need comes packaged in a way we don't want or don't recognise. But He's God, and alot smarter than we are!

When we reverence and honour His presence, then we will begin to see the manifest glory of God. Glory speaks of His presence. When God's glory came down there was thunder, lightning and the mountain shook and the Israelites were afraid. This was different to His power - this was His glory - the weightiness of His visible splendour. Glory speaks of His characteristics and His attributes. When the glory falls everyone knows it. Thank God for what He's doing in the earth but there is greater yet to come. We see a glimpse of the beginnings of the glory in the early church – all in one accord with one heart, and the glory fell so that even the building shook during a prayer meeting (Acts 4)! Peter walked the streets and people were healed as he walked by, whole cities were saved. Glory!

It's time for the Church to repent of lethargy and lack of fervency and become zealous, on fire for the things of God. Ps 84:1, "How lovely is your tabernacle O Lord of Hosts. My soul longs yes even faints for the courts of the Lord. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God."


 Pastor John

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